The weekend has arrived. Mikey was happy to wash the car this AM while baby and I played in the yard.

Breakfast was scrambled eggs with cheese and toast.

Our big outing today was a stop at the local baby store to invest in a harness to hold your kid down while you change their diaper. Best invention ever if you have a squirmer on your hands. Worked like a charm.

We did happen upon an open house in our neighborhood, so we checked it out. It had promise being on a cul-de-sac and a three bedroom. It is going for the low, low, price of 670K! 😦
I liked our house better so I was glad we went to it. Always nice to look around to get a better idea of the homes in the area. Still not sure if we want to buy yet or not.

Tonight is a movie night. Gotta rest up for my first run group meeting tomorrow am. Looking forward to it, I hope it is a big group. More the merrier.

Just waiting for Mikey who went out on the hunt for creamo and dessert. Two essentials in this house.

I could really go for a Cadbury Creme Egg, but I’m glad I did not tell him that…..or am I?