Being a Mom can sometimes be isolating.

That is why I make an effort to get out and about as much as possible. Today I planned to attend a Get Fit Trail Walk with my Las Madres group. Running half an hour late as usual..I missed the group. I decided to pack up anyway and hit the trail. When I arrived at the Park, I saw a women with a stroller and asked if she was in Las Madres. No, she wasn’t, but we ended up chatting and she invited me on a walk with her and a friend she was about to meet.
We went for lunch at Aqui and had a great walk/chat/and some laughs.

I felt like I knew these girls from before- but I had just randomly met them. Cool, hey? I have always been known to talk to strangers, but today it paid off.

On a side note, I had a tofu caesar wrap with a green salad topped with fresh mango, walnuts, and cranberries-it was spot on!

In other news, we met with our landlord/mortgage broker last night. He was nice enough to run some numbers for us since the owners of the house we are renting are most likely gonna sell after our lease is up. There may be squirrels taking over the attic, but it will go for a great price. If we bought it we would have to remove the entire roof and start over to evict our furry friends. The only con I see is that the house is a two bedroom. And that it has been taken over by squirrels.

We have not looked around at other places yet, just pondering this opportunity. We have enjoyed renting for the past couple years. Today is our 2 year anniversary of living in California! Time does fly.

Has anyone seen the movie RUSHMORE? I did years ago, but my memory is fuzzy. We might watch it tonight.

Time for some eggplant hummus and veggies. Maybe some roasted brussels sprouts. Mmmmmmmm…

Peace out.