Greetings loyal readers. Are you still there? Good.

Had a quick but wonderful trip back to Canada to partake in a celebration of life for my friend Joey.
We laughed, we cried, we kissed his ashes goodbye. *Deep Sigh*
A very touching memorial indeed. There was so much love there that it felt like he was with us, almost. I guess he was…

Have you registered to become an organ donor yet? What are you waiting for?? Over 30 people can be saved from just one organ donor!

Mikey and his Mama zipped out to the grocery store and then they are gonna cook up some dinner.

I flew through L.A to get here tonight, and boy are my arms sore. šŸ™‚

Peeked in on the baby and she is fast asleep dreaming about toy trains, cars and dollies, I’m sure. The weekend has arrived and we have no plans–that is may favorite plan–NO PLAN. Although, a run on Sunday is mandatory–it has been a little while.

Happy Friday to Y’all.