Gettin’ sick of lookin’ at pictures of my kid yet? I didn’t think so.

Just look at those tree trunks.

My baby is tall.

My baby has close friends that are of the stuffed variety.




My day started out with another sunny boot camp class. I was not feeling very motivated today but was glad I went–afterwards. I must dig deep for some motivation. Tomorrow the alarm goes off at 6am(that is before the baby wakes up). I am going for a trail run with a Meet Up group. I remember looking up a group when I first moved to town but I was scared that everyone would be faster than me. Now I realize that it does not matter. The only person I race is myself!
I did enlist a friend to come with me, so hopefully she can wake up in time. If not I’m on my own.
C’est la vie.

Tonight I shall pine for my Husband to return home from work. I may have been watching a little much Mad Men.

Has anyone seen Breaking Bad? Looks funny.

Ciao for now.