Enjoyed my Mama’s yoga class on Monday night. I am trying to conquer an arm balance, but am not quite all the way there yet.

Went out on a lovely 3 mile stroller run on Tuesday morning with a friend. My calf has been a bit sore so I have been resting it for a few days. It was a good time for a rest too, because I had some dental work to get out of the way. I am the proud new owner of a crowned tooth$$
I’m looking forward to the Sunday morning run with fresh legs. 🙂

In more important news baby got some swing time with her buddy.

“You look familiar little lady, you been here before?”

“That pick up line won’t work on me!”

I baked up a mini storm the other day. Anne over at fANNEtastic food inspired me.

I made a banana/chip/coconut variety inspired by this recipe.

My Mom would say I ruined these muffins with the chocolate chips, I on the other hand believe it enhanced them. To each their own.
I used sour cream instead of yogurt and regular flour in place of spelt. They were yummy-lishus.

I’m kinda on a roll with buying running shirts online. Why do they make it so easy?

My newest addition.

Modeling session begins now..

These guns are fully loaded.

I’m strong to the finish when i eats me spinach.

Ordered this one from nomeatathlete.com

I’m 2 weeks into my vegetarianism and honestly I have not missed meat. We already ate a primarily vegetarian diet at home. When I remember to myself that I am no longer eating meat I do get a warm fuzzy feeling come over me that justs seems right. I have no soapbox to stand on, but a wise woman told me once–“follow your heart, that is what everyone should do.”

My friend Dan would say all I need now is a life coach and I will be truly Californicated. 🙂

I have been creating new “concept” dishes….

Is lasagna really a true lasagna without ricotta? We will find out. I made a clean out your fridge lasagna with

no boil noodles
red pepper
sun dried tomatoes
fresh tomatoes
chili flakes
marinara sauce
and love.

It turned out very,very good.

A glass of vino is poured and a movie might be in the cards.
Seacrest OUT.