It’s the weekend! Yay! Happy dance.

Isabella would like to introduce you to her new friend. Esther Maysmith.

Thanks to Uncle Cam and Auntie Tanya for sending us this furry friend. Baby loves her!

Oh and GUESS WHAT!!?? I have captured proof of the two newest enamels in the house. Don’t worry I won’t show you my new crown.

Do you see??

Wait for it…

We have been busy pumping iron/playing footie in our new home gym.

All you need is a little motivation..

I like to call this exercise “The Inch-worm”

Make sure to keep your back straight…

Glutes down…

Yoga poses are optional but encouraged.

And you wanna know something…

It’s amazing how much a baby can grow in 9 months…

At least she got a lot of wear out of that sweater!

The sun is out and we just may venture out for a walk/hike somewhere fun. Ciao!