Have you ever had a healthy chip?

Enter the kale chip.

When Baby and I were in WF today there was a ton of local kale going for 3 bucks/per two bunches. I pumped up the heat a bit to make these extra crispy. Just make sure your kale is dry before roasting because if there is water on it, it will steam it instead of crisp it.

We munched and crunched the whole bunch!

Some greek salad was on the menu tonight. I used goat cheese instead of feta because that is what was in the fridge.

Don’t forget the hummus!

Went on a field trip to Staples today to invest in some new pens. Not just any pens. SHU Box approved pens!

Stationary makes me happy.

My strawberry infused shopping partner. You should see the conversations this one attracts from the older set. She is a ‘lil cutie pie.

As for the rest of the night, we are putting the couch to good use and watching The A-Team. I think I may read during that one. I’m going to learn about the 13 “healthiest winter foods” in my new Runner’s World Magazine. I wonder if kale will make the list?

Tomorrow morning it is time to hit the road/trail for a 6 miler. We usually do 4, but last week we did 5 and I think some of the gals want to start building up their milage to work towards a half marathon. I always look forward to the Sunday run. It is a great bunch of peeps and the miles just click by.

Have a great rest of the weekend!