Boot Camp was a fun one today. We saw a coyote, he/she had some food in it’s mouth already so we were safe. It looked like a big wolf. I did not pull out my camera, I’m smarter than that. πŸ™‚ We left it alone.

There was also a little bear there…

And a little sprite too…

Since I was a bit late to class, I ran with the stroller a couple miles looking for my group, luckily I found them before the class ended. I had wished I had money on me, at the farm there were fresh persimmons for sale, for two bits a piece. That’s 25 cents, right Ma?

At least the parents look happy.

And since it was a chilly day, I made soup.


In the pot went the…

carrots (chopped and pureed-who doesn’t have pureed carrots around?) πŸ™‚
marinara sauce
veggie broth
green lentils

Topped with goat cheese.

My belly is happy. Yum. Isabella loved some mooshed up lentils. She is so worldly.

On the agenda today–

laundry and dishes
read stories
a walk outside in the fog

Looking forward to a glass of red wine tonight and a movie.

Happy Friday!