Grandad made it here safe and sound today and brought some fun with him.

I made some breaded tempeh sandwiches the other night. They turned out quite lovely and reminded us of Subway.

This morning I had a great 5 mile run with the girls. The rain stayed away for our run and I finished feeling like I could run some more. I love that when it happens. I sported my new Lulu gear today and it was quite comfy.

Yesterday we went on a mini road trip South to Carmel. It was a nice trip. We walked around and shopped and then picked up some dinner before heading back to San Jose.

Mikey and Baby in Carmel.

We just finished a slow cooker rib dinner with caesar salad and rice. Now the guys are doing dishes while I blog, and it just feels right.

Up next is a lemon tart for dessert. This makes me very happy.

Off to the dentist tomorrow for part one of my new crown. Wahhhhhhh!! 😦