Today was a fun day. I went to Santana Row for a day with the gals. A few of us went to the spa, and I had my nails done in a color called Bring on the Bling.

Then we went to Lululemon to checkout the running gear. I love that store. Note to self-buy shares! 🙂

Found some comfy tights and a couple tops.

I also invested in a sports bra.

We also wandered into H&M and I found a really cute Audrey Hepburn type dress for only 35 bones!

After all of that shopping a girl gets hungry. We went to a salad bar for lunch and then enjoyed some coffee and dessert.

Dinner was Meemo chicken. YUM!

On a side note..well~ is food ever really a side note with me? It’s the main note.
Grilled bananas make me happy! 🙂

So do strawberries.

Gotta rest up now and get ready for an early morning run in the park. Hope the rain lets up a bit! It’s pouring right now.