A nap is a wonderful thing.
Let me explain.
Last night was a really fun girls night out. We went out for Spanish Tapas and dancing. I was awake past midnight! This, my friends, is a very rare occurrence. This morning I still managed to make it out for the (really fun 4 mile) weekly run. By noon, I was exhausted. A nap is just what the doctor ordered.

When I awoke, refreshed, I heard something calling my name from the kitchen. It was the sandwich press.

“Jill, why don’t you make a sandwich?” squeaked the press.

I retorted. “Why, yes, yes I think I will. Thank you for the suggestion.”

The press came through for me in no other way but a sandwich press can…..okay maybe the Sangria from last night was still in my bloodstream and making me hear kitchen appliance like voices.

I love that with the sum of three simple ingredients you can produce a wonderful masterpiece.

Had it alongside a very KERF like mocktail.

Now to find some chocolate.