Mikey had fun polishing up the new ride today.

Ya missed a spot, honey!

The other night we had some goood pasta.

Recipe here.

The lemon really makes this dish SING! Try it for your sweetie…or for yourself!

We have been snackin’ on some good eats, Italian style.


Today I went to Santana Row. The crowds were KA-RAZY. Rachael Ray was there doing a book signing.

Got a haircut and style because tonight is GIRLS night! Yep, going out on the town. If I can stay up! No joke. I think I might hit the coffee soon.
We are going for Tapas and then dancing.

For now I am home alone. A very strange feeling. No husband, no baby, and no In-Laws. I guess I should have stayed out shopping longer? Maybe I will pour a glass of wine, crank the tunes and get ready for my night out.

Or I might have a nap. 🙂