December has come in quickly around these parts. As soon as U.S. Thanksgiving arrives, so does the holiday season. Most people get their trees up by Black Friday!

When in Rome… Nahhh…we took a bit longer.

Checking the bulbs.

We still need to get a tree for inside. We do have our eye on a few.

REWIND to yesterday…

Had a great 4 mile run with the regular Sunday bunch. I love the Garmin. It was nice to know the exact pace and distance of our run in an instant. Then when you get home you can plug it into the computer for additional specs! So cool.
Afterwards I scored some running tights and goodies for 20% off at the Sports Basement Party.

There are still signs of Fall around.

On a side note, check this out!

My friend Krissy embroidered Baby’s name on her skirt for her. Adorable! 🙂

The green baby cardigan was passed down from Grandad and Granmere.
Michael and his brother wore it when they were babies. 🙂

I am trying to fight off a cold with a cup of tea, kleenex and some positive thinking. And chocolate, who am I kidding.

Good night all.