I’m sure the above question gets asked in a lot of houses all around the world. Especially in Mama Pea’s Kitchen. Before I explain….

Today was a big day. Yep, you heard me. Drum roll please….

It was Baby’s first trip to the Library.

She was very excited when I told her where we were going.

We were sure to bring our own book to nibble on while we read others.

When we arrived Isabella begged me to start at the play wall. I obliged.

Can we look for books now please Isabella?

Okay Mom. Whatever you say. I’m running the show here, you know?

We found big chairs.

Little chairs.

Then we found the star of the show. A book about cookie dough.

Maybe it was Mama Pea? No, it was probably me.

In other news,

not sure if I am excited or ashamed to announce…..

I made my very first online purchase. Yep, you heard me. I have never ordered anything from the “cyber-web” before. Call me old fashioned or call me frugal. It just is not something I do. Or did.

Sure I have booked plane tickets or hotels but this is different. I bought a running shirt!

Pretty exciting stuff, hey? I saw it over at Meals and Miles.

Punk Rock Racing
is a small company based in Northern California, right in my ‘hood!

What can I say, the pink skull and safety pins caught my eye.

For the rest of the night I have been warming the couch researching some meal ideas for next week. I have slacked this week and am getting sick of tortilla chips and salsa for dinner.

Mikey did save the day and made a great dinner tonight. I guess I had pasta, salad, and tortilla chips for dinner then.

I love my Clean Eating subscription that my parents gave me for Christmas. I found this book at the Library today, it is called The Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook. It has a lot of quick, tasty looking recipes in it. I also like that the majority of the stuff used is already a pantry staple at our place.

Time to get back to my research.

Ciao for now.