I’m having a lot of fun over here with my new toy..er..I mean my new piece of serious sporting equipment. I splurged on a Garmin Forerunner 205 the other day and there is no turning back.

I took it out for a test run on a 3 miler. This thing even tells you to speed up! How cool is that!?

It’s not all fitness and running around here. Life is about balance. Enter Psycho Donuts..

This magical donut shop sells the fluffiest, fattest, freshest, glazed donuts for only a buck! They are appropriately named Glazed and Confused. The cashier is even dressed up as a nurse! I have spoke of them before if any of you are long term blog readers.

Okay, I may have splurged on a s’mores donut too. A S’MORES donut, people!!

Sometimes, I feel like coming home. There is a lot of controversy over the store name and the non-pc-ness of it all. Lighten up people.

I wish I had a donut now.

And yes, I do in fact feel like I am channeling Homer Simpson.

Happy Monday night!!