It started out just like any other American Thanksgiving. Sunny, crisp and the anticipation of a race in the near future….

We caught up on our news..

Then bundled up the baby..

A few hundred people showed up..

The future runners and cheerleading section got ready..

The Palm trees, well, what do they do exactly…

Looked pretty?

Our group gathered…

Where did Inez go?

Warm up time.

On your mark….

Get set..

Made it all the way!! Weeeee..

A BIG shout out to Mikey and Isabella for coming out and taking pictures. Best support team ever! 🙂

Isabella’s buddy Prince William also cheered us on.

Today we are going to roast a chicken, mash potatoes, and cook cranberry sauce. Tomorrow we are headed out on a mini break. We are thinking of heading South to Monterey or Big Sur. Happy Thanksgiving to all you Yankees out there! 🙂

Goodnight moon!