It was a coolish day today, but that did not stop some of us (okay two of us+kiddos) to brave the trails at a nearby Open Preservation.

Our baby Boot Camp class was called off at the last minute so my pal Robin and I decided to change it up and go for our own remixed Boot Camp.

My friend must have thighs of steel because she rides horses. Here I tried to capture her with a white horse that galloped by us on the trail. The horse was a bit speedy for my less than cat like reflexes.

Robin and “Sweet Baby D”.

Check out that tree! We picked fresh bay leaves today. 5 bucks for a jar of bay leaves no more!

‘Twas a very relaxing yet invigorating hike and now I am ready for some (U.S) Thanksgiving foodie. I hope my chicken thaws in time for tomorrow…