I have never been a very organized person. If you ask my parents they will tell you about the messiest bedroom a kid ever had. It’s just who I am. Yet, in my old age I don’t just want to give up. I actually have to work at being organized and uncluttered.
For some inspiration I watched a few videos.

They inspired me to tidy up the house right away. Thank goodness for my Family and friends who helped me unpack and move into our new place. Just today a friend of mine cured my spice jar problems. Now that is a true friend.

I guess you know you are getting old when you start blogging about spices. Ah, the joys of aging. C’est la vie! 🙂

Last night I went to a baby food nutrition seminar and I am happy to declare that Baby is loving REAL food.

Some of her top picks are~Drum roll please…


Sweet potatoes










In other news,

Tomorrow I’m going to a Mother’s Night Out, woot woot! It is a Manicure/Pedicure night out with the gals, and get this..I might just go grocery shopping afterwards. Wild and crazy, right? I like to live life on the edge.

Random side note–Has anyone ever tried sunchokes? I bought some yesterday and am gonna roast ’em up with some olive oil and S&P. Hope they are good.

Happy Thursday. Only one more sleep until Friday. 🙂