I did get that chocolate milkshake last night. I was a happy girl.

The baby was awake nice and early this morning. The world’s cutest alarm clock. I was sort of happy because it got me up for my run with my friend Inez.

We went to a park in Mountain View that is about 15 minutes from here.


We were chilly before and had our sweaters on. So was that guy with the toque! πŸ™‚


A little warmer after an hour out on the open road/trail. Had a great time. So nice to run with you Inez! We ROCK!!! πŸ™‚

Gotta love automatic camera timers. Thanks again Inez for not letting me drive off with the camera still on the roof of the car, it’s one thing if you do that with your coffee….

There was talk today of running the Bay to Breakers in May. I have to work on rounding up some others. Hopefully I can convince my bro and his Wifey to come down for it. What do you think Lawrence? Should be a fun race. It’s always good to have goals.

Big plans for today, I just may meander down the street a few houses. I have been invited to a Pampered Chef party. Has anyone been to one? I’m hoping to score something practical like sea salt or a jar of caramel. Yes, those are VERY practical things.

Ciao for now.