A Family Portrait for baby’s 6 Month birthday.

Baby can almost sit up on her own now and is babbling a lot. Her faves are da-da-da-da-da. 🙂

Went on a walk this morning. There was no milk or cream for my coffee so I had to go to Peet’s.

It was cloudy and looked like it was going to rain. In California?

I enjoyed my granola bar, cap, and ice water, outside while listening to my iPod.

As soon as the rain started I had to run home–to protect my camera!

While I was briskly walking home I realized that gas is almost double the price in Germany.

I’m pretty sure gas was about 15 bones for 10 litres over there! Holy smokes.

Spent the afternoon shopping at WF, had lunch there too. A nice mellow Sunday. Baby and Baby Daddy are having a nap now and all is calm in the house.

Looking forward to returning to BBC tomorrow, hopefully it won’t be rained out. I gotta start O.W.O.B (Operation work off bratwurst.) 🙂

Have a great night guys!