All is well here in München.
The weather is cool and the wine is warm. Or.. we are warm after we drink the wine in the cool weather.

Today we had a wonderful day of walking and shopping around Marienplatz.

We have reunited with the parental units and have been enjoying some QT. Maybe it was the company, but we had some delicious tomato soup, apple streudal and coffee today. For dinner we picked up some stinky cheese, bread, honey, the best mango chutney eva, fruit and wine and had a feast at our hotel.

Check out those Fall colors!

Us Dancing in an AUTOGRILL parkplatz.

Little Bear!

Our hotel here in Münich is right beside the train tracks. It is kinda neat to watch the train roll by every so often. It makes me want to go on a new adventure. Maybe our next getaway will be by train?

I think we may head back to Marienplatz tomorrow. It has everything you might need and more. Clothes, food, and stationary stores! Weeeeeeeee!!

Only 2 more sleeps left until we head back to The Silicon Valley. I think both Michael and I are ready to be home again. Europe has been fun but we are looking forward to the sun, and our own bed/kitchen. Sharing a hotel room with a 6 month old will test the patience of even the coolest cucumber! 🙂 I wonder how she likes sharing a room with a couple of thirty somethings….