We made it!
The flight over was nothing short of wonderful. I can’t believe it was over 10 hours long. The meals consisted of pasta, fruit, and salads. They gave out free swiss chocolate bars! Also the flight attendants walked up and down the aisles offering wine and Baileys. It was like heaven.

We scored the bulkhead seats and requested a baby bassinet. Baby slept snug as a bug in a rug for about 8 hours straight!

It was not so good for Grandad and Granmere Maysmith. Their flight from Seattle was cancelled. I guess we won the Amazing Race. They will have to join us on Day 2 of our journey.

Ssshhh! Baby fast asleep on plane in the bassinet.

Time to go and try and convince Isabella that it is bedtime.**

Wish us luck!

We have a big day planned for tomorrow, stay tuned for more details.

**Michael is calling Mr. Sandman in the above picture. There was no answer!