Started the day off with a little sunshine in a glass.

~a couple dollops of strawberry greek yogurt
~a handful of frozen blueberries
~a pour of frozen cherries
~cup of cold water

I missed the sweetness and texture of frozen banana in this guy but it was still gulpable.

We are hosting our first play date tomorrow. Each week a few of us get together and have a Sit and Play with the babies. This week is our turn. Usually we just hang out and chat while the babies steal each others toys. 🙂
Pretty exciting stuff!

My very organized friend will be coming over this evening and we are determined to get this place tip top. The kitchen and the nursery are pretty much done. Now to work on the bedroom and miscellaneous crap.

My friend might join me tonight for my run group too. I think we are doing 5km tonight? I always look forward to my evening runs, a great way to end a day.

Only 4 sleeps ’till Munich!