I’m happy to report that the only sounds we hear at night now are the chirping of crickets. No freeway noise! Although the freeway was like white noise once you became accustomed to it.

Our street is so quiet. The silence is so novel. I feel like I am in a library. I like it.

On our first night here the fire alarm did go off. At 4am! That was enough to make us jump out of bed. Luckily, it was a false alarm.

We have been enjoying lemon flavored water.

Costco Pizza.

Lightly dressed salad.

Our radio goes so well with this 1960’s house. I love the retro appliances and tiling.

For an old house this one is pretty pimped out. It has a dishwasher, garb-orator, and a power garage door opener–deluxe! I love the hardwood floors. It reminds me of our ‘ol house in Victoria.

We dropped Grandad off at the airport today. It was so nice of him to come and help us unpack. What a huge help he was! It’s always hard to say goodbye but this time was a bit easier. We will be meeting up with him and Granmere in Munich in only 10 days! Yikes. I gotta get packing. Unpacking and packing–ahhhhhh!

Happy Friday!