My Mom made it back home safe and sound. It was very nice of my Dad to share her. What a supportive husband. 🙂

Wait a minute, is that Gran taking a break from packing?

Another break to lovingly gaze at her third grandchild?

Baby had cereal today for the second time. She is learning how to open her mouth up for yummy food. It was very cute watching her eat.

She plays a lot on her tummy now, before we know it she will be mobile! Yikes…

I had another great run tonight with the 5km group. We did about 45 minutes total. It was a lot cooler than usual and I was actually cold afterwards while grocery shopping–That’s a first! I stopped in to pick up some fruits and veggies and scarfed some tofu spring rolls from the sushi bar for a post run pick me up.

When I arrived home the house was quiet and everyone was in bed. Now it is time for me to join them. Gotta rest up for my weekly Playgroup Sit and Play tomorrow. A few of us parents get together each week to hang and chat. I look forward to having one at our new place once we get settled.

Only 7 sleeps ’till moving day.

Night, night!