The weekend flew by as usual. We had some fun family time. We are starting to plan for our Italy/Germany trip next month. Weeeeee..

Of course we had to speak with our International Agents via iChat.

The Ergo is really comfy and we are so happy to be able to break it in before our trip.


We went shoe shopping this weekend and picked up some walkers for our big trip. We were sure to stop off at Sushi Boat for a tasty lunch too.

Those fish look nervous…oh…they are not real.

Baby can now put her foot in her mouth. Must be genetic, because I find myself doing this from time to time as well.

Made a mean bowl of oats on Saturday. Think oats are boring? Go here for inspiration.

Enjoyed egg sammies on Sunday.

Just ham, egg, and cheese on a whole wheat muffin. Served with ketchup if your daring.

The star of the weekend meals were the no cheese enchiladas.

I love cheese but it was a nice change. They were really yummy.

The mushrooms were a winning addition. My mom would agree with that, right Ma?

I have been using plain greek yogurt instead of sour cream. I like it.

Here is some displaced advertisements…

Cutest Mac I ever did see. πŸ™‚

Yesterday I went out for a haircut and Daddy and Daughter did some bonding. Remember kids, it’s never to early to start reading!

We had a fun Baby Boot Camp this morning. After nap time it is time to run some errands a.k.a Target shopping for some goods. Fun, fun, fun.

Monday is almost over!