Hey there! How is everyone doing? Good, good. Now that we have the pleasantries out of the way…

We had tuna melts last night for dinner. They hit.the.spot.
I mixed in a bit of red pepper, celery, mustard, mayo, and pepper. Topped them with tomato, avocado and cheddar. I am awesome.

Last night before the aforementioned tuna melts, I enjoyed a lovely run along a trail in Mountain View with the 10km running group. I am in the 5km group but they took me under their wing. ๐Ÿ™‚
We did 4.5 miles in front of the setting sun. Very romantic. Why is it that our group name is in KM but our runs are set in miles?? I don’t understand why we are using both….hmmm

Baby has been enjoying her new swing a.k.a The Neglecto-matic.

In other news,

Our baby is a prodigy.

Also, if you ever have trouble sleeping…BABY BELUGA!!!

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