We were up early this morning for a hilly hike with some new friends at Rancho San Antonio Open Preserve. This place is so pretty. We hiked up a hilly trail with baby in our new Ergo carrier.

The Ergo worked great. Mikey wore it for 2.5 hours and there were a lot of steep dusty hills. Good to know since we will be taking it on our big trip next month.

I have some really cute pictures of Isabella with her new friend Dylan that I might post soon too.

In other news, we found a place to live. We are super excited about it. It is a cute little house with hardwood floors and a lemon tree in the back yard. So excited to have a BBQ! I think we will move in around mid September. Can’t wait to move! Well, moving stinks but we are looking forward to being settled in. We sign the lease this week and then the deal is sealed. šŸ™‚

Happy Sunday!