We went to The Mothership for lunch today.

A must see when you are visiting Cupertino.

We had a fun time at lunch, then shopped at The Company Store.

Uncle Lawrence and Baby bonded.

Auntie Sarah and Baby giggled.

Had to take photos on the couch of fame!

Then we lounged by the pool.

Sarah went in, and had some mad swimming skillz.

Lawrence and I sat and took pictures.

A fun time was had by all.

We dropped them off at the train station kinda late, so hopefully they made it back to SF okay. On Sunday we are going to SF to meet them for lunch. Back to The City for more fun. 🙂
I kinda wanna go to Greens because my friends Jenny and Lee said it was AWESOME!

After we dropped off our peeps we were gonna go to a friend/co-worker’s house for a get together. By this time baby was ready for bed so we did not make it there 😦 Home early on a Friday night. Sigh. The joys of parenthood! If you are reading this Lisa, I have a bottle of wine with your name on it! 🙂

In other news, tomorrow is our Sixth Wedding Anniversary. Time flies when you are having fun!

Time to snuggle with my two new cook books I got for my birthday. My Moms know me so well!

Goodnight Moon!