Sunday night already? Where does the time go!
We really need to go grocery shopping. I have a list all ready. We just have to go to the store and buy things that are on it. Since we had no food around, we went out for lunch!

On Saturday we went for Sushi. I had the vegetarian tempura roll and seaweed salad. Mikey went for sashimi, miso, and salad.

The tempura added a nice crunch to the roll. We had some tea with our meals and it hit the spot.

Today we met up with our friends Jenny and Lee who came all the way from Toronto. They are honeymooning in SF. We went to Gracias Madre in The Mission District. The food was fan-tab-u-lus. I had rice and beans with mushrooms and roasted poblanos. I had a bite of Lee’s Cactus dish, it was yummy too.

We also scored some salted caramel soft ice cream for dessert. Bi-Rite is the best!

Then wandered into a nearby park to sit and ponder.

So good to see our Canadian Peeps! πŸ™‚

I missed you Beth! We shall meet up soon!

In other news, we have been apartment/car hunting. We made an offer on an apartment so we might find out this week if we get it. This apartment is available now so we would be moving VERY soon. The one bedroom has served us fine until now. It IS time for a little more space.

We are probably going to switch up our car for a four door. Yep, family car here we come. No, we won’t be getting a mini van! πŸ™‚ Not that there is anything wrong with that. It will be a bit easier to get baby into the back seat, especially when she switches to a forward facing car seat.

The baby is in bed and we are pooped. Our goal for the morning is to go grocery shopping for the week. Our car goes in to the shop tomorrow to get some huge dog scratches buffed out of the bumper. Long story!

Hope you guys had a good weekend too.