Hello there!

Today we (the royal we, meaning me and the babe) picked up Mikey and went to Whole Foods for lunch. Mikey made a hearty salad creation and I had a fresh off the grill chicken teriyaki bowl with veggies. A very filling and satisfying meal.

Mikey and Babe enjoying some foodie and a little bit of conversation.

We then shopped for some ingredients to make this wonderful creation. Hey, who doesn’t need more heavy cream in their life?

Upon returning home I realized I had left the diaper bag at the grocery store-DOH! Back we cruised, luckily someone had returned it to customer service. Since I was there again, I perused the baby stuff and found a cool teething ring for baby. She is gnawing on everything something fierce!

Tonight is another MNO (Mother’s Night Out) that I just may partake in. On the agenda~pedicures and cupcakes. I just had a pedi but there is always room for cupcakes. It’s fun to hang out with the gals once in awhile. This one takes place at Santana Row. Maybe I will pop into the bookstore while I’m there too.

In other news,

My friends Jenny and Lee just got married and are spending their honeymoon in SF.
Congratulations Guys!!
I hope to meet up with them while they are here. They live in Toronto so I have to seize the opportunity when I can.

Only 2 sleeps ’till the weekend! 🙂