My brother and his fam were nice enough to send us a couple of music c.d’s. Today we bathed to Burl.

Sometimes we groove to Raffi or Led Zeppelin. 🙂

Thanks for the tunes bro!

We are so happy to have the In-Laws visiting. FREE babysitting! YAHOO!
Today Granmere and I are going for a pedicure while the boys take the baby for the walk.

This morning I went for my first bike ride in almost 10 months! It was so fantastic to get back on the road. After a quick tune up from a local bike shop, I was good to go. I rode for about 15 miles to an off road trail through downtown San Jose. As soon as I had the heebie jeebies because the trail was empty a Police Officer road by on a bike. This made me feel better. It was a very pretty trail. I’m just very careful of where I go solo. You just never know!

Gotta go hang out! Bye for now.