I decided to nibble on a few new goodies…

This Rishi loose tea is lovely. If you like the flavor of chai, you will love this. I am enjoying a cup right now, and it is smooth. I did add a splash of cream and a dollop of honey. The warm spices make me feel like it is Christmas. A peaceful Christmas, not like National Lampoon’s or anything.

I’m a big fan of butter. I love peanut butter, almond butter, and real butter. That is one of the reasons this coconut butter has been catching my eye. Now at 10 bones a jar, it ain’t cheap. Once I cracked her open I instantly understood the price tag. You pay for what you get. So creamy, so smooth–melts in your mouth!

Since you already now my love for anything butter, this next one is no surprise. My Mom, a.k.a. Granola Gran, suggested I try raw almond butter. I did not realize the one I have been buying from Costco is roasted with added salt. What a nice surprise this raw-no salt added almond butter is. I really like it. Creamy and nutty just like a butter should be. A nut butter that is.

Here is a good one for those– I need a butter or spread but I don’t want any cholesterol thank you very much butters. I have been curious about it for some time now, and decided to take a chance. The taste is very similar to real butter. I am skeptical of some of the ingredients, but overall feel it is less artery clogging than an animal product. For those times when you need to clean out the pipes. Don’t get me wrong–I love real butter. I just wanted an alternative for a change. Hopefully I don’t grow a third eye.

I’m kinda on a new food roll here…

Caramel yogurt? I think Oikos has read my mind. Greek yogurt, I love you. Let me rephrase that. Caramel greek yogurt–I love you.

My favorite yogurts right now are Pineapple Chobani and Oikos Caramel and Chocolate.

One last item on my wish list has been to try these cute little juice box size wine boxes.

They would be perfect to keep for when you need to deglaze a pan or have a wee drink after the baby goes to bed.

I have yet to try them, so I will let you know if they are yummy at a later date.

This next product is made from 100% pure love.

All natural, and keeps you on your toes.

Appears slightly edible, but may need salt and pepper.

Will melt heart at room temperature! 🙂