Even though I dream about having a Vita Mix one day. My little blender works just fine…

This guy had frozen spinach, blueberries, banana, flax, mango-pom amazing grass protein powder, almond milk, and mango. Instant energy!

I had it with some scrambled eggs, gobbled right out of the pan. One less dish people! 🙂

The other night we had a yummy meal. I do cook once in awhile now…

Steamed sole with capers, broccoli, and salad. The star of this show for me was the corn and edamame pilaf.

With some red wine–after baby went to bed 🙂 Maybe the wine was the star…forget what I said before.

Have I said how much I love iChat?

So great when the fam is far away.

Baby sure is getting strong.

Just look at that head control.

Okay, we are not all the way there yet…

Baby on “Wo Cat” (short for warm cat) Blankie from my childhood. The real blankie is underneath that new exterior. My Granny was kind enough to recover my blankie when it had become ratty. I remember being so sad/mad that my blankie was hidden, so I ripped a hole in the new cover to reveal my old friend. I see the hole was fixed, Mom did you do that?

Now my baby can love the new version that my Granny so thoughtfully repaired.

I am still slightly tempted to rip it open again to see my old friend. Moving on…

I need to invest in some baby legs!

Baby in The Moby.
Dish towel fallen on the ground. No editing here, just real, raw photographs of everyday life.

I think she looks so cute with her little legs sticking out.

Post Bath.

Pre chores.

Like Mother like Daughter.