Had another wonderful sleep last night thanks to our sweet lil’ baby. Let’s hope this trend keeps up.
Michael was up and out the door for a road ride to Palo Alto and was back before we were even awake!

Drove to Mill Valley today to see our friend Dan. He was headed back to Victoria tonight, so we were able to go for lunch at Whole Foods and catch up.

Baby’s first time on the GG bridge!

Does she look excited or what?

It was great to hang out with Dan. He enjoyed meeting and holding the baby.

So many of our family and friend pics have been taken on our couch with the green blanket. I guess it is the couch of fame! 🙂

Mikey zipped off to drop Dan at the airport while I whipped up dinner. Inspired by Michael’s Mom and Grandma.

Ditalini pasta with French Green Lentils and Tomatoes.

Turned out pretty darn good!

All you need is a lil’ olive oil, garlic, onion, and celery. I would have added carrots if I had some. Cooked up with some oregano and herbes de provence. Some tomatoes are good too. I used canned. Salt and pepper if ya like. I added a few hot red pepper flakes to bump it up a notch. I like spice!

Cook up pasta and lentils to your liking, and stir it up!

Drizzle with olive oil and top with cheese. 🙂

So quick and easy.

I love meals that you can make with food from the pantry.

I have had this with garbanzo beans too and it was yummy.

Baby is in bed. Time for a hot bath and a bit of reading from my book. It is called The Bedwetter and it is not for the faint of heart!

I’m also reading A Homemade Life. I like to have a couple on the go. Then you can select one for each mood.

Au Revoir!