Today started off early. Not because of the world’s cutest alarm clock but because it was my run/walk group day.

By hook or by crook– the baby slept all night.
Yes, all night! From 10pm-645am. It was a good morning!

Did a 2 hour power walk with the group. It was a great workout.

Here I am post walk.
Afterwards I sat and watched some girls doing cartwheels and what looked like a cheerleading practice.

The temperature got up to 34 degrees today–a hot one!

Today was also a good day because I went somewhere that I have been thinking about for some time now.

Psycho Donuts!

The staff all wear nurse uniforms and the donuts are all crazy concoctions with cool names like Glazed and Confused.

Well worth the visit, fo’ sho!

I went in with the intention of buying just one donut, but they had a minimum charge on the debit so I left with four, count them, four donuts.
My lucky day. 🙂

Obligatory baby pics…

Goodnight Moon!