It has been a pretty good few days over here. After getting over the initial shock of my Jojo leaving I think we have settled in o.k. What the heck are we gonna have for dinner!!?

Michael usually washes the car himself but this weekend we left it to the professionals. They did a great job and it was quick too.

They even had a little golf, while you wait.

We had fun.

Mikey took his road bike out on Sunday and had a great ride. Baby and I did have to save the day, because his crank was very loose–time for a tune up. Off to Mike’s Bikes we went.

Where we saw interesting characters.

We then hit the store to stock up on some fresh veggies and fruit. I think tonight we are having tuna steaks with mango salsa, and rice.

Baby loves to grocery shop!

Did I mention I joined a playgroup? I am a trial member, then if you like it you can join for the year. Our first date was a success. We went to the park and met many nice moms/kids.

I should have taken baby Eli here, now I know for next time!

All the other moms were complaining about how cold it was. Ha! I was warm in my t-shirt and shorts. I guess it was only 25 degrees 🙂

It was a great way to network and find out about other stuff to do around town. I have heard that having a new baby can be isolating and I’m determined to make some new pals to avoid that!

I might join a baby boot camp. They use your stroller and baby to fit in workouts, sounds like fun, no?

As for today, we had a nice mellow afternoon. Made some guacamole to have with some wasa crackers. Tasty!

The many faces of an almost 2 month old…

Yes, so I’m a little camera happy…what’s new…

The baby has been sleeping 8+ hrs a night, so we are very happy! Let’s hope this trend continues.

Guess I should go do my many chores that seem to pile up while we read, eat, nap, change diapers, have tummy time, sing and dance…I’m exhausted!

Can’t wait for bedtime 🙂