There doesn’t seem to be anyone around!?

Dropped Jojo off at the airport today. Before we did that we went to Tacolicious in the Marina District.

It was very yummy. Beth knows her restaurants!

Jojo is good for getting motivated (amongst other things)…

Day Two

Legs ~stationary lunges with wt’s
~Step ups on bench with wt’s

Back ~ bent over rows with wts
~dead lifts

Chest ~ bench press


Abs ~ side to side crunches
~straight leg out and straight up with partner

Starfish jumps or alternative
Knee ups
Kick back with alt legs to arm touches
Squats and switch jumps( bounce/jump/switch/touch)

Who will I work out with now??

La sigh.

We enjoyed a scenic drive today.

Upon arriving home I was inspired, so I made up some more fresh salsa–very tasty without tons of salt!!

Mikey went to wash the car, so baby and I are just hangin’ out.

Cooked up some more jambalaya tonight. I had all the ingredients so I thought I might as well. It turned out lovely.
My apron fits again! 🙂

Looking forward to the gym, coffee, and a smoothie tomorrow morning.

Just gave baby a bath and now it’s time for a cup of tea. Good Night!