Picked up CAJJ (Crazy Auntie Jojo) last night. Her flight arrived early. She had to talk herself down and then came to the realization that I’m on babytime now.

That was true, a diaper change held us back so we were late.

Can you believe she brought a menu plan. Love. True love.

Came home to have a small glass of vino and catch up.

CAJJ slept with earplugs in, and didn’t even need them because baby slept all night–again–twice in a row.

Last year around this time CAJJ was in town motivating me to go to the gym. I have a free gym in our building and wanted to learn the ways of the weights.

For those interested here is our plan.


Day one
5 min warm up on the tread mill high incline 8 and speed for 3.5
Legs ~ jump squats 3 sets of 12-15
~Sideway lunges with overhead press

Abs ~Plank
~Pushups with 1/2 down and full side to center to side
~crossover leg with ab crunch
~bum ups with straight leg

Biceps ~Tabata’s

Triceps ~ Skull crushers


Let’s just say that it was the HARDEST workout I have done in a while…actually..maybe ever.
I really noticed how my flexibility has decreased post partum.

Our Boot Camp challenge for the week will be some form of exercise/stretching every day. That is our gift to ourselves.

In just 30 minutes you can be on your way to getting fit too!