In my next life I will be a morning person. I promise. Or a cat…hmmm

Let’s just say 6am came pretty early this morning. I really wanted to go to my new run/walk group but the bed was warm, the baby was fast asleep and I could hear dreamland calling. Thankfully my husband reminded me of how much fun I would have and how good I would feel afterwards. He was right.

I’m pretty much a zombie at that hour and thanks to him (read he made breakfast and coffee) I dragged my sorry arse out of the bed and went to my first San Jose Fit group.

It is pretty hard to get fit if you are sleeping. Don’t get me wrong, it is all about balance…no?

I’m sooo glad I went. Los Gatos is absolutely stunning on a Saturday morning in the sunshine. A stunning, sunshiny Saturday morning. Try saying that ten times fast.

How bad could a run/walk be starting at the corner of New York and Pleasant?

We all met at the high school in Los Gatos.

There is a really nice track there too.

There were about ten groups of runners/walkers. There was a half hour talk on nutrition. Our route was around Vasona Lake on a bike/walk trail.

I joined the brisk walking group. Part of me wanted to go in the running group but I also did not want to drop dead on my first day.

I’m glad I walked today. We walked fast. We walked long. We were out on the trail for almost two hours! Phew, It was a great workout. I also met a really nice gal named Ginger and our chat made the time fly by. Gotta love that.

Thanks to my iPhone I was able to take some shots. I love having a camera on me AT. ALL. Times.

For a camera phone, I was impressed by the quality. It must be the photographer 🙂

Upon arriving home, a roast was in the slow cooker and the dishes were being done. Hello! And the husband of the year award goes to…drumroll please..

Time to rest up for my hair appointment at 4pm 🙂

Happy Saturday!