A lot can happen in 5 weeks…

I thought weeds grew fast!

Tomorrow is our one month Pediatrician appointment. Baby is 5 weeks old as of today. It will be interesting to see how much the scale is tipping at. Maybe around 10 pounds?

It’s cloudy here today and the rain clouds are threatening. We are bundled up inside on this balmy California day. šŸ™‚

Our dryer is not working–GASP– so hopefully it will get repaired soon. I need some sun to dry my clothes! Mr. Sun where are you?

In other nut butter news…

I tried a new nut butter. So. Very.Good. It just reassures me that yes chocolate does in fact make everything a little better. šŸ™‚
Read a review of it here.

I picked it up at Summit Market the other day. Remember when we went on that long drive through the forest?
You just never know what magical foods one might run into on the road.

Hope everyone improved their Monday with good coffee this am. I know I did. Tootaloo!