Had a great week with the rents.

Dad outside THE SHARK TANK.

Made many California memories to keep in the vault.

Gran testing out the new rocking chair I bought at Goodwill.

Gramps pushing the baby pram.

SF on Mother’s Day.

It had been 20 years since our last visit together to SF. We missed you Roy!
Remember those Reebok Pumps Mom and Dad bought you on that trip! All I got was an invisible dog. 🙂

I had a yummy-licious veggie burger at The Ferry building, and was sure to grab some chocolate too.

Isabella enjoyed hanging out on her Daddy’s shoulder and watching the sailboats.

Some fun places that I went with my rents were…

World Market
San Jose Flea Market
Whole Foods
Ranch 99
Fisherman’s Wharf in SF
Ferry Building in SF
The Shark Tank for a playoff game
Walks around the ‘hood
Cruised downtown San Jose
Open houses on the weekend

and much, much, more 🙂

Last night it was time to throw Momma from the train.

We were able to take a look inside the train.

Isabella says “Thanks for finding your way to San Jose Gran and Gramps!”