Who doesn’t love to jump on the hockey bandwagon in the playoffs? The Sharks will be playing game 5 in SJ on Saturday night! Woohoo–I’m going to try and get some sweet tickets today–come hell or high water!

Isabella says”Wahh…why can’t I just be a Sharks fan!”

Subliminal advertising?

It was a sight to see in our apartment last night. “Google Gramps” was on our main computer watching Montreal play (via some pay per view connection like stream). He had Mikey’s headphones on too so Mom and I could watch our Baby whisperer DVD. He also had my laptop going with the SJ game on. Two games at once! I think he was in Heaven! It might of been because Montreal won though…

We had a good night with a smorgasbord of dinner–pizza, salmon, halibut, chips and salsa, and veggies. Our leftovers from the Mothership lunch went a long way.

Isabella is scheming about how to get some good Sharks tickets.
Hey, where did her bib go?

We have been having a good ‘ol time around here. So far we have hit up Target, Santana Row,The Mothership and The Rice Cafe.

Here is Gran getting some great shots of Mikey and Dad.

Here is a shot of a PROUD Gran and Gramps with their first American Granddaughter outside Target. Next time I will try and NOT make the Palm Tree grow out of your head dad! πŸ™‚

Here’s Dad using an iPad.

I LOVE Target! I mean Tar-jay!

I think she does too.

***Big CONGRATS to Gran for passing her Realtor exam with flying colors! Way to go Ma! I knew you could do it! πŸ™‚ Watch out Max…Warren who???

Looking forward to another beauty day here in The Valley. I have really been enjoying having my parents here, that’s what life is all about, no?