You know Gramps is in town when…

She already knows how to taunt the other team!

We have been having a good time around here.


Isabella can’t wait to hang out with you later!

After a bumpy train ride down, Gran and Gramps were happy to hit their pillows at The Marriot. The hotel is right across from our apartment. So handy (for babysitting) 🙂

Now if I could just stop Gramps from teaching the baby new tricks…

In California driving news…

I finally have my CA license. I passed the road test today. Woohoo!

I think I might just celebrate by going out for dinner with the fam! 🙂 Well, okay that was planned already for Mikey’s birthday.

Can anyone guess how old Mikey is??

I will give you a hint–I think I may have seen a few grey hairs on his head before he got his haircut…

Anyhoo, gotta go sneak in a nap before I get my vanilla latte hand delivered…ssshhhh…the baby is sleeping!