Spent the mornin’ hangin’ around the house today.

I made a tasty turkey stock/soup today. Sadly I did not take any pictures. I had Isabella in the Moby wrap and my hands were busy chopping. I will have to work that out, for the sake of the blog! 🙂

We also went on a mini hike to Fremont Older. Saw a bunch of pretty birds and some deer prancing around.

Now we are hunkering down with a little tele and our laptops. Looking forward to some shut eye tonight.

The baby has been waking up once in the night. We usually go to bed at midnight, then we are up at 4am then 8am. This is how it has been so far. Tomorrow is our 2 week appointment with the pediatrician.

The newborn stage goes by so fast!

Hope everyone had a great weekend.