Greetings Earthlings!

I’m feeling human again after a long nap. Last night was a rough one with lots of contractions. We thought maybe we would have a baby today but everything settled down.

A piece of pie helped things.

Have you guys ever made a dessert with silken tofu? You gotta try this. Also the possibilities are endless, you could use espresso powder for a coffeee flavor pie. Pumpkin for a pumpkin cream pie. Nutella for a …you get the picture.

Mama Pea has great recipes~

Vegan Monkey Pie

1 prebaked graham cracker crust
2 bananas, sliced (this is a loose term)
1-12 oz. pkg. silken tofu (firm or extra firm)
2/3 c. natural peanut butter
2/3 c. organic powdered sugar
1 t. vanilla extract
2 T. non-dairy milk
chocolate shavings and Tru-whip (or other natural whipped topping) for garnish
Prebake crust and set aside. Slice bananas and layer in bottom of crust.

In a blender, combine tofu, peanut butter, sugar, vanilla and milk and blend until smooth.
Pour peanut butter pudding over bananas.
Top with grated dark chocolate.

I used my food processor ’cause it works so darn good.
I know I already posted this, but it is worthy of an honorable mention. Tastes like a cream pie!

Rewind to last night. We had one of Mikey’s favorite meals. Chick pea tacos!

Just leave out the cilantro Meems!

You can serve ’em in a taco shell or as a taco salad. Do whatever floats your boat. Be wild and crazy with your garbanzos! 🙂

In other foodie news…

I discovered a yogurt that I don’t like…

Mikey on the other hand…loves it!

It is very thick. I like my yogurts creamy, very, very, creamy. It is not sweet at all.
I’m an Oikos or a Fage fan.


We went in today for a non-stress test and an amniotic fluid check. The baby had a good heartbeat and there is still fluid in there. The next step is to go in on Monday (4 sleeps) again for another check. If the fluid is low they will induce me then, if everything is still okay they will leave well enough alone until Thursday ( 7 sleeps).

I think we might have a baby soon! 🙂