Top o’ the mornin’ to ya! It’s about 5am here in The Valley and all is well. What have I been up to you ask?

I have really been enjoying the California grapefruit. This state grows kicka$# citrus.

The reason I really got out of bed though…

Shredded wheat.

Sticking with the wheat theme…

I had a toasted wheat salad yesterday.

Toasted up some bulgur wheat in a lil’ pan.

Roasted up some almonds.

Chopped apricots.

Polly put the kettle on, and we’ll all have tea.

Gathered my friends.

Chop, chop to it.

With bulgur, it’s cooked kinda like couscous. Just boil up some water and pour it on top. Cover and let it fluff up in the hot water.

Then throw in all your goodies and season to your liking. Lemon would have been lovely but I was out. Fresh grapefruit juice saved the day.

Make sure your water is boiling hot or you will end up with chewy wheat. I was a bit impatient and hungry and did not let the kettle boil long enough–whoops!

Mikey came home from work and saved the day. He can cook!

Hooray for frozen sole and veggies when you are hungry like the wolf!

He steamed up a mean fish dish with onions, butter, garlic and wine.

This my friends, made me very happy.

Served up with veggies in a flash. Fast food at it’s finest.
I topped mine with mint jelly.
I love mint jelly.
In case you were wondering.

We then went for a warm evening walk over to the Ranch 99. I love living next door to a grocery store. We scored some dried mango and a glass dish for lunches to go.

Then it was time for our date πŸ™‚


We went to the Golden Spoon. My friend Maggie showed me this place before she ran off to NYC. She is a cool chick. Anyone who brings you here must be.

We shared a tart mango frozen yogurt. It was creamy, sweet and cold. Perfect.

Our date was a success.

That is all to report for now. My blog post frequency is directly related to how many pictures I have on my camera. Since the Nikon is already packed and ready for action at the hospital–I have been depending on my canon point and shoot. It is a stealthy option that fits in your pocket–but does not quite have the scope of it’s older sister.

Yes, the hospital bags are packed and in the trunk. We hit 41 weeks tomorrow. Will I be pregnant forever? Probably not.

Hope you guys are doing okay out there. Almost time for my nap! πŸ™‚ Tootaloo.