Today was a little cooler than normal. We even had to close the windows–brrrrr. Why on earth did I decide to make a green smoothie is beyond me. Something about drinkin’ a green drink just feels healthy! Gotta get some last minute vitamins to this little baby.

frozen strawberries~about 5
frozen pineapples~a few chunks
frozen banana~1 small
ice~ four cubes cuzz I like it icy
water~about 1/4 cup to loosen and liquify
1 cup of soy milk
2 handfuls of spinach


Today is our official due date. All along Michael has thought that the baby will come today. I think he likes schedules.

I asked Michael this morning–“Will we have to pay an overdue fine if this baby is late?”

He replied with “No, we can bill the baby.” šŸ™‚

Then this promptly reminded me to rush online to renew my library books, I am horrible for remembering to do that.

I just might venture out today and do the pilgrimage to Trader Joe’s. It is only a quick drive from here. I have this feeling that I don’t want to go to far from the nest. Is that a maternal instinct? Weird!

At first I was petrified that my water would break in public, but now I’m kinda hoping it just does wherever so I don’t have to be INDUCED!
Those kinda artificial hormone drugs kinda freak me out. Alas, I shall think positive and trust that Mother Nature will do her job.

I said do your job!