We made it to 40 weeks today. Went to the doc yesterday to see the status of baby. It is nice and cozy in there! My Doc gave me a couple of options. She said we could schedule an induction for a week away or wait a week and see if baby comes out on it’s own. If we chose the latter than we needed to do a couple of non-invasive tests to monitor amniotic fluid and non-stress tests. Hmm…

We chose to wait.

We think the baby will be worth the wait. Good things come to those who wait, right? Insert more waiting cliches here.

So, been keeping busy by boiling baby bottle bits…

Drinking smoothies with avocado in them–made it super thick!

You would think it would be green, but it had a bunch of berries in it too.

Made Pumpkin Pasta for dinner tonight. Read about this tip in my new Clean Eating magazine that my Ma gave me.

Cooked up some spiral pasta with red peppers and red onions.

Added in some eggplant sauce and pumpkin puree.

Topped with Grana, cuzz I can.

Turned out very yummy.

Michael and I both really enjoyed the added bonus of pumpkin. I would not have thought of putting it in. I had some all ready in the fridge leftover from my mini pumpkin spice muffins.

We used a bit of pasta water to loosen the sauce too–this works great. Oh yeah, and a dollop of mascarpone stirred in at the end. 🙂

See ya later Alligators!