There’s a whole lotta baking going on over here at my place…

So far, in my 30 years on this planet–this is my go to recipe for chocolate chip cookies. Please, do yourself a favor and try it someday!

I will be forever blogosphere indebted to Beth for showing me this bright light. This time I worked it out a little different. I made only 6 cookies and I’m going to freeze the rest of the dough. I then can have these cookies whenever I want. I thought it would be better than baking up the whole batch and eating it in two days! Yes, I would–they are that good!

Moving on to dinner tonight. I made Quiche. In all of it’s wonderful eggy glory. It turned out fantastic. I took some helpful hints from Daily Nibbles.

I put in some roasted cauliflower and red peppers to up the veggies.

Oh my, caramelized onions are so yummy. I cooked them up with some Herbs from Provence and olive oil.

Very patriotic vegetables…Oh Canada!

We are loving our pre-peeled garlic. So quick and handy in a lot of dishes. Fast food at it’s finest, minus the Big Mac.

I love aged white chedda’, it does make everything betta’. A little goes a long way, cuzz it’s just so tasty.

For dessert, I had a cookie. Wanna bite?

What, you have not left the computer and made these yet??

Overall, ’twas a relaxing day spent barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.

Toes, I know your down there!

‘Scuse the wife beater, it’s so darn hot here. 🙂

I will not eat all of the leftover cookie dough…I will not eat all of the left…….to be continued.